most popular hashtags

Top popular Instagram hashtags

When you go on the internet  to look for the top popular hashtags you can understand how important hashtags are. We collected several important sites which seems to post updated information about hashtags statistics:

  1. Short Stack
    Short stack posting the top 118 Instagram hashtags, and top restaurant hashtags. This is in their blog and updated frequently for 2016.
  2. HuffingtonPost
    Brian Honingman @ HuffingtonPost examined the top 100 Instagram hashtags and posting also the number of photos per hashtag.
  3. TwelveSkip
    TwelveSkip categorized the top trending hashtags by subject matter, like fashion, selfie, business, bestfriends etc.

We also post here the top 20 hashtags as given by Webstagram, updated to 8/10/2016:



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